Previous Investigations

  • 1970 - 1990: 20 Years of Child Care

  • 1984: Tyra Henry Whose Child Report

  • 1987: Allegations of Sexual Abuse to a Child at Ivy House

  • 1990: The Enquiry into South Vale Assessment Centre

  • 1993: Clough Report

  • 1994: The Harris Report 1970 - 1990

  • 1995: Appleby Report

  • 1999: The Barratt Report Background Part 1

  • 1999: The Barratt Final Report

  • 2000: Middleton 1st Interim Report

  • 2001: Middleton 2nd Interim Report

  • 2002: Middleton 3rd Interim Report

  • 2003: Middleton 4th and Final Report

  • Children's Homes in Lambeth Enquiry (C.H.I.L.E) 1998 - 2003, Summary

Our Conclusion on the Reports

It’s clear, each report in isolation blames a catalogue of errors and mismanagement as integral ingredients of the failings. What was consistent by its absence was a coherent explanation as to why the same failings reoccurred over the decades. It would appear that no-one investigated whether the failures were manufactured and an unacceptable consequence of a hidden agenda.  What none of the reports highlight is the unholy alliances between senior management and directors of both social services and housing. The failures of Lambeth social services were highlighted in 1994 when all its Lambeth run children’s homes were forced to close. Two years later there was a culling of staff which coincidently included some of the same management that are implicated in the abuse that took place in our Lambeth report.  The failings emphasised in Lambeth’s own reports, along with the management abusers in both Shirley Oaks and the remaining children’s homes, meant that the children in Lambeth were put at unnecessary risk. 

Police Statistics on Historical Paedophiles

Reference to the Middleton & C.H.I.L.E Inquiry 1998 - 2003


In 1999 the Met police said they had received 200 allegations of sexual abuse in Lambeth’s children’s homes. Printed in the Mail on Sunday, 26th March 2000, Gloucestershire Chief, Tony Butler, the Association of Chief Police Officer spokesman on sex crimes said “the biggest investigation is into 20 homes in Lambeth...the Police feared up to 100 paedophiles worked in Lambeth Children’s homes.” 


Extract from the final CHILE report in 2003:


  • 16 alleged perpetrators died either before or during the Operation’s life, including 1 suicide during trial in March 2003.

  • 11 cases where the Crown Prosecution Service decided no further action was possible.

  • 19 cases where the alleged perpetrators could not be identified.

  • 1 case where the victim died before being able to give evidence.

  • A further 4 cases were passed onto other forces since the case was outside the parameters

    of the Operation but are being handled elsewhere.