The Mirror: 10th November 2016

"Brave victims of paedo cop reveal horror of attacks as sex beast's wife caged for covering up abuse"

June Entecott, 80, was also found guilty of whipping one of the girls with a dog lead but cleared of physically abusing the other child.  Two courageous victims of a paedophile detective have spoken publicly for the first time after winning their 37-year battle for justice. Marina Narayan was just six when the abuse began but it was “brushed under the carpet” despite her reporting it three times, the first in 1979. Marina, 50, and Shelagh Largan waived their right to anonymity after ex-vice squad detective John Hudson's former wife was this week jailed for helping to cover up his evil crimes.

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South London Press: 16th September 2016

South London Press

BBC News: 2nd March 2016

"The Council that employed an abuser to look after children"


Why have successive investigations failed to establish the full truth behind sexual abuse at care homes in a south London borough?Justice Lowell Goddard will this month begin preliminary hearings into historical allegations that hundreds of children were abused in a wide range of institutions across the UK. Establishing the truth about the number of paedophiles who looked after, or had inappropriate access to, children in the care of Lambeth Council in south London is one of her priorities. In the 1970s, 80s and 90s, Lambeth had it all. Local politics in south London was dominated by big characters with radical ideas. Lambeth was a melting pot - and it became a byword for corruption, fraud and abuse. Abuse, that is, of children who had been placed in the care of the local authority, where they should have been safe. Image copyrightAlamyImage captionLambeth town hall in south LondonOver the last 18 months, Newsnight has spoken to former police officers, officials and survivors who have expressed deep concerns about what went on in Lambeth - not just during the period when children were being abused, but as successive police investigations were launched.Between 1974 and 1994, more than 14,000 children passed through the care of Lambeth social services, and more than 7,000 were placed in its children's homes. But during the same period, a number of child abusers were employed in Lambeth's children's homes, some of whom have been prosecuted. The most recent was Les Paul, convicted (for the third time) in January of abusing four boys in his care in Lambeth in the 1980s and jailed for 13 years.


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The Mirror: 2nd March 2016

"Cop axed from case after bid to quiz abour peer

Lord Boateng about paedophile"


Det Insp Clive Driscoll says he was fired before he could ask Mr Boateng about John Carroll, a children’s home boss jailed for 10 years for abusing youngsters in the 1970s and 1980s. A detective was axed for saying he wanted to talk to then Labour police minister Paul Boateng over a probe into a known paedophile, it was claimed last night. Det Insp Clive Driscoll says he was taken off the case before he could ask Mr Boateng about John Carroll, a children’s home boss jailed for 10 years for abusing youngsters in the 1970s and 1980s. Mr Driscoll said in 1998 he identified a number of people he wanted to talk to about Carroll. BBC2’s Newsnight last night named one of them as Mr Boateng. Theresa Johnson, an ex-social worker who worked under Carroll at the Angell Road care home in Lambeth, South London, said she saw Mr Boateng at the home six times and once spoke to him. An unnamed youth worker claims he saw Mr Boateng at a holiday camp for young people in care, run by Caroll. He claimed Carroll boasted of his friendship with Mr Boateng. There is no suggestion Mr Boateng – now a Lord – has done anything wrong. The IPCC is supervising the Met’s review on why Mr Driscoll was axed and what happened to his information.An inquiry into historical child sex abuse claims is being chaired by Justice Lowell Goddard. Mr Boateng said last night: “As a campaigning youth justice lawyer I acted for many young people in care and visited many youth facilities in the course of my work.“I didn’t know Mr Carroll personally and have no recollection of meeting him professionally or visiting the Angell Road children’s home or anywhere else where he was present. I’m unaware how the investigation into Mr Carroll was conducted. I therefore cannot comment on why the police did not seek my assistance.”



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The Telegraph: 2nd March 2016

"Met detective removed from post after saying he wanted to

approach Paul Boateng about child sex abuse"


Justice Lowell Goddard is charing the inquiry into historical child sex abuse allegations at a number of institutions, including Lambeth Council's care homes 170118EmailNew Scotland Yard Photo: Alamy By Telegraph Reporter12:50AM GMT 02 Mar 2016A Scotland Yard detective was removed from his post after telling colleagues he wanted to approach Paul Boateng - then government minister in charge of police - about the activities of a convicted paedophile. The BBC has reported that sources believe Det Insp Clive Driscoll intended to ask Mr Boateng what if he knew anything about a known child abuser, John Carroll, who had been running Angell Road care home in South London. But before Mr Driscoll could approach him in 1998, he was taken off the case. There is no suggestion Paul Boateng had done anything wrong, and he has denied any personal or professional affiliation with Mr Carroll. However two people who had given information to Mr Driscoll’s inquiry spoke to BBC Two's programme Newsnight, and suggested Mr Carroll and Mr Boateng did know each other. Paul Boateng Photo: Heathcliff O'malleyA social worker, Teresa Johnson, who had worked with Carroll at Angell Road, said she had seen Mr Boateng at the home on up to six occasions during the mid-1980s. Another witness claimed he had seen Mr Boateng during caravan holidays for children run by a charity, called the Association of Combined Youth Clubs. Carroll was a member of the ACYC. The witness claimed Carroll had boasted of his friendship with Mr Boateng. This witness told Newsnight: "John Carroll would regularly talk about him [Paul Boateng] being able to open doors for him." Lord Boateng told the BBC he has no recollection of going to Angell Road or of meeting Mr Carroll. He said he remembered the ACYC charity but has no recollection of visiting during the caravan holidays. Justice Lowell Goddard this month begins hearings for her inquiry into historical allegations of child sexual abuse in a wide range of institutions, and has stated that one of her priorities will be to get to the bottom of what happened in Lambeth. Speaking to Newsnight, Mr Driscoll said: "I am immensely proud to [have been] a police officer and immensely proud to [have been] a Metropolitan Police officer, but this is the one period in my career which just troubles me greatly." The Met said it could not comment because an inquiry is under way.


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Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse 

Children in the care of Lambeth Council


An inquiry into the extent of any institutional failures to protect children in the care of Lambeth Council from sexual abuse and exploitation. 


Scope of investigation:

The Inquiry will investigate the nature and extent of, and institutional responses to, the sexual abuse of children in the care of Lambeth Council (‘the Council’), including those cared for in children’s homes, by foster carers and/or by adoptive parents. The investigation will incorporate case­specific investigations and a review of i nformation available from published and unpublished reports and reviews, court cases, and previous investigations.  In doing so, the Inquiry will consider the experiences of victims and survivors of child sexual abuse while in the care of the Council, and investigate: .... 3.1. a consideration of child sexual abuse which took place at A ngell Road, Monkton Street, Ivy House, South Vale, and Shirley Oaks Children’s Homes;


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Metropolitan Police: 22nd December 2015

Leslie Paul has been found guilty of 'historical' child abuse in Lambeth's South Vale children's home. 


Leslie Paul, 64 (09.05.51) of Clephane Road, N1 was found guilty on Monday, 21 December, at Blackfriars Crown Court of all the offences he faced, which included indecent assault and indecency.Over an eight-year period, between 1980 and 1988, Paul carried out the offences at Lambeth childrenfs home, South Vale, where the four male victims resided.In October 2012 the first victim came forward to report allegations against Paul. An investigation was launched by detectives from the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse (SOECA) Command under Operation Trinity. Further victims were identified as a result of police inquiries, and on 13 March 2013 Paul was arrested at his home address.Officer in the case, DC Suzanne Lister, of SOECA said: "Paul was responsible for the care of his victims; the ultimate position of trust. He used that power to take advantage and commit the most serious of crimes against them. I commend the bravery of the victims who have been forced to relive their experiences in an open court. It is their testimonies which have brought Paul to justice today, and I hope they take some comfort from that.


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SWLondoner: 27th November 2015

Child sex abuse inquiry to investigate

Lambeth Council over ‘historic failings’​


An independent child sex abuse inquiry taking place across England and Wales will investigate ‘historic failings’ by Lambeth Council. Councils across the country accused of poor child care will be investigated alongside the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches and politicians. The inquiry, chaired by Justice Lowell Goddard, is due to take five years and will be of ‘unprecedented’ size in the UK. “We plan to investigate failings to protect children in the care or supervision of Lambeth Council,” she said. “We will also conduct a wide-ranging investigation into sexual abuse in residential schools. “We will also conduct an overarching investigation into allegations of child sex abuse by certain people of public prominence associated with Westminster.” She explained how determined those involved in the investigation were to ‘give a voice to the victims and survivors’. The 12 investigations will include the exploitation of children and alleged sexual abuse by members of the church. It will also look into allegations of a child sex abuse ring operating in Westminster. The inquiry will investigate the historic failings at children’s homes run by Lambeth in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
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Sky News: 27th November 2015

Lambeth Council will be included in the Goddard Inquiry


The Anglican and Catholic churches and "certain people of public prominence associated with Westminster" will be investigated by the independent abuse inquiry, it has been announced. Justice Lowell Goddard, who is leading the investigation, also said councils in Lambeth, Nottinghamshire and Rochdale will be examined. She set out 12 different areas which will come under scrutiny. Justice Goddard said: "The investigation will focus on high-profile allegations of child sexual abuse involving current or former members of parliament, senior civil servants, government advisers and members of intelligence and security agencies. "It will consider allegations of cover up and conspiracy and review the adequacy of law enforcement responses to these allegations." It will also focus on abuse in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, she said. The inquiry was established last year after claims of a high-level cover up of abuse and has been hit by delays after two of the previous chairwomen resigned.It will be the largest ever public inquiry in Britain and is expected to take up to five years and cost tens of millions of pounds.Justice Goddard acknowledged the inquiry's task is a difficult one.

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