Lambeth Investigation

Our initial investigation “Looking For A Place To Call Home” was centred around Shirley Oaks Children’s Home. However, it wasn’t long before we were inundated with claims from former residents of other Lambeth Children’s Homes whose stories have not been told. Some of these former residents were the victims of abusers who worked at Shirley Oaks and when it closed they were moved to other Lambeth homes. Some of these abusers started up their own children’s homes and were contracted by Lambeth to look after the children in homes as far away as Wales and Scotland. The failure to investigate these claims properly has led to a lifetime of suffering for the victims and even those who have received compensation were not given sums that relate to the injury they suffered both physically and physiologically. In essence, they were abused again. What is most disturbing is the failure for any of the authorities to publicly acknowledge there was a paedophile network in Lambeth which was being covered up by powerful people.

Michael Mansfield QC, Marcia Willis-Stewart & Legal Team
SOSA Team Including: Raymond Stevenson, Lucia  Hinton, Lynton, Maxine, Laura and Rebecca

Lambeth Children's Homes We Are Investigating:

Chevington, Angell Road, South Vale, Wood Vale, Highland Road, St Saviours,  Cumberlow Lodge, The Den, The Elms, Monkton Street, Melting Pot, Garrards Road, Ingleton House, Lancaster Road, Sandyridge.

Homes Lambeth Children were sent to in:

London, Wales, Bristol, Brighton & Kent 

New Homes Investigating:

Lorn Road, Arlington Lodge, Lancaster House, Richmond Fellowship, Kingswood (Bristol), Thornwick Nursery

If you have any information relating to these homes, please email

Woodvale Children's Home

Angell Road Children's Home

Highland Road Children's Home

If you were in a Lambeth Children’s Home and you were sexually abused please contact us even if you have already received compensation because it will help us identify other potential victims. Various whistleblowers have come forward and given us vital information on the activities that took place from 1965 until 1995 in Lambeth’s children’s homes. If you were in any Lambeth Children's Home and you suffered sexual abuse, please fill in a survey which can be found on the survey tab. All information that you give us remains completely confidential and we encourage as many people to fill in the Lambeth survey. The legal representatives for Shirley Oaks and Lambeth’s Children’s Homes are Michael Mansfield QC and Marcia Willis Stewart. 

It is clear by what we have discovered in our research that Lambeth Council failed in its duty of care. What made it even worse was that there were some great house parents and social workers who fought valiantly to protect the children they were mandated to look after. There have been many inquiries into the abuse of children in care in South London most notably the joint investigation between the Police under Middleton and Lambeth Council under CHILE. Both of these chose to look in isolation into particular offenders. We intend to investigate all allegations including claims from those who refused to speak to the police.